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Will It Take A Long Time To Install?

This depends on the size of the project, but generally installing paver stones doesn’t take much time at all. Materials will be brought to the site, such as the stones themselves as well as the base that will keep them in place, and once that’s completed it will usually only take a couple of days. More complicated layout patterns may require more time and planning, as will more difficult terrain, but you will certainly be told up front about any potential delays.

Are Paver Stone Driveways More Durable?

It depends on the type of stone that’s used to create the driveway in either case, however most types of paver stones that are commonly used such as concrete and cobblestone tend to last for a long time against the weather, wear and tear, and otherwise. One of the benefits to using paver stones as well is that it’s easy to replace one that’s been broken without disturbing the rest of the driveway. With regular paving, damage is much more difficult to deal with.

What Are Retaining Walls For?

Retaining walls are so named due to the fact that they are used to retain the soil or ground. They can be used both to better stabilize a yard, as well as for aesthetic purposes or to give a more interesting look than a steep hill. They may also be used to enclose an area, such as the patio, if it cuts into a hill in the yard, making it possible to have one in that area without having to flatten the entire hill completely.


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