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Hardscapes in Ladera Heights CA

Your home could be improved with a brand new patio, high-quality artificial turf, and outdoor kitchen, and many other hardscape features. With S&P Hardscape Remodeling, the hardscape experts near you, it’s easy to find high-quality features for your home. We offer all our services with free quotes, so you can see just how reasonable our prices are. Take a look at some of the services we provide in your area and see how these could improve your property.

Here Are A Few Hardscape Services We Provide In Ladera Heights CA:

Hardscape Design - Create Your Perfect Home

The sky’s the limit when you have access to high-quality hardscape design services. Our team offers everything from new retaining walls in a variety of styles and designs, to abstract fountains, walkways and much more. Our experts will work with you to create hardscape features that actively improve how you use your property. This includes creative choices that let you match your new hardscape precisely to your needs.

Backyard Remodeling - Be Creative

Why wait to put your stamp on your property? It’s cheaper than you’d think to customize and alter your home. Create different levels with attractive retaining walls, install paver walkways, and beautiful pool side pavers that catch the eye. The sky’s the limit. If you’re considering improving your Ladera Heights property, then backyard remodeling is an excellent way to do so.

Paver Walkways - The Perfect Path

How you get around your property is just as important as the features within it. Sure, you could pick out plain concrete or tarmac to get you from A to B. Or, you could use the walkway as an opportunity to improve your property. Choose from attractive materials like smart bluestone and travertine, or warm, rustic cobblestones. Decide on a walkway that takes in the best parts of your property, and lets you really appreciate your home. Contact your local Ladera Heights hardscape professionals to see how paver walkways can enhance any property.

Water Features Offer An Attractive Centerpiece

What better to focus attention in your backyard than a tasteful water feature? Our range of abstract fountains is perfect for providing a cool, calm focal point. You won’t have to worry about installation and supply problems. With S&P Hardscape Remodeling, you can be sure that you’re getting top quality. Your new water feature will be perfect for your property, and you’ll get all the advice you need to pick out the right feature for your home.

Paver Pool Decks Are Ideal For Summertime

Pavers provide everything you could want from a pool deck. You can easily select the combination of paver bricks that suits your home’s design. This includes different materials, from stamped concrete, bricks and tiles, as well as many different colors, patterns, and designs. Thanks to their naturally fast-draining design, our pavers are also perfect for pool side decks. They’ll remain safe even when wet, so you won’t have to worry when they get splashed.

Patio Covers Keep You Cool In The Sun

No matter how nice it is to get out in the sun, you can have too much of a good thing. Nobody wants to deal with sunburn, dazzle and overheating when they’re trying to relax. That’s why our range of gazebos and custom patio covers is a great addition to any home. Choose from freestanding or attached structures, as well as solid and lattice designs. With your new patio cover in place, you’ll be free to enjoy a hot Ladera Heights summer’s day in peace.

Paver Fire Pits Are Perfect For Evening Entertainment

There are few things more enjoyable and memorable than gathering around a fire pit on a warm summer’s evening. Roast marshmallows, flip burgers or enjoy the sizzle and pop of a real open fire. With our paver fire pits, you can create a feature that perfectly suits the existing design of your property. Choose from a wide range of pavers, and build the ideal new fire pit. Pavers are also a very safe choice of material since they won’t conduct heat like a metal pit (which can lead to accidental burns).

Make Hardscape Improvements Today In Ladera Heights CA

With fast, affordable hardscape services available near you, there’s no reason not to explore improvements to your home. We offer free quotes to Ladera Heights residents. So if you’re thinking of investing in a water feature, let us know! We also install backyard patios, artificial turf, and various hardscapes and pillars. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.


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