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Landscape Design & Hardscapes in Beverly Hills CA

Make better use of your property by investing in high-quality hardscape features. Don’t settle for less. With beautiful landscape designs, you can make your Beverly Hills home stand out. Your backyard landscape can become a wonderland of hardscapes and paved features. These unique features will last a lifetime and have the potential to dramatically enhance your home. Choose custom paver walkways that tie your backyard together. Get cooking al fresco with an outdoor kitchen. Invest in safety with poolside pavers. All of this and more is offered with free quotes and low prices from your local hardscape specialists at S&P Hardscape Remodeling.

Some Of Our Landscape Design & Remodeling Services In Beverly Hills CA:

Water Features - High-Quality Abstract Fountains

Nothing draws the eye like a high-quality abstract fountain. These water features are the perfect way to bring together your backyard, providing a focal point that everyone can enjoy. Choose from a wide variety of different styles and sizes of feature, to suit any property. You’ll also benefit from the in-depth advice your local Beverly Hills hardscape experts can provide. Find a fountain that looks great and runs reliably for years to come.

Patio Covers Make Outdoors More Enjoyable

Relaxing outdoors on your patio is a great way to spend a day. But it often gets too hot, making it uncomfortable to stay outside. On the other hand, you might also find an unexpected rain shower moving in. This can ruin an evening’s entertainment, sending your family and friends running back inside. Why not invest in a patio cover to avoid these problems? Custom covers are made in a range of designs and materials to suit any property, including gazebos and free-standing designs. Find out how your Beverly Hills property could be enhanced with a new patio cover today.

Retaining Walls - Keep Your Home Looking Great

Strong retaining walls are an important feature of any property. Walls built by S&P Hardscape Remodeling are always strong and stable, providing the long-lasting reliability that you need in your home. However, they’re more than just functional pieces of hardscape. The materials you choose, and the way the walls are built, plays a big part in determining how people experience your property. The local Beverly Hills specialists in hardscaping will provide a huge range of choice in how your retaining walls are built, and offer in-depth insight into how your home could be improved.

Paver Walkways Offer Safety And Great Design

How you get around your property is an important part of how you experience it. Walkways are much more than just a path from A to B. Choosing the right materials and design makes them an integral part of your home, tying the whole property together. Pavers are a particularly good material, providing excellent grip and drainage no matter what the weather is like. They’re also easy to maintain and hard-wearing, so they’re a great investment for the future.

Brick Fire Pits Offer Outdoor Appeal

During summer evenings, there’s little better to do than gather around your own fire pit. Choose from a large range of different designs for your property. This includes different sizes, different shapes, and many different colors and design options to select. Your Beverly Hills home could benefit from a brick fire pit that’s completely safe and built to the highest professional standards. Whether you’re barbecuing, toasting marshmallows or simply warming yourself around the flames, a fire pit is an excellent addition to any backyard.

Paver Pool Decks Are Safe And Look Great

There are two main concerns when choosing materials for your pool deck. You need to be sure that the surface is safe to use when it’s wet. Pavers offer excellent grip underfoot and allow water to drain quickly. Secondly, you want a material that’s going to look great. In this area, pavers excel. You can select any combination of colors and designs you want, arrange them in any pattern you like, and create an individual design that perfectly suits you. Choose a paver pool deck for your Beverly Hills property and you won’t be disappointed.

Artificial Turf Installation - Looks Great, Less Work

A pristine lawn is a beautiful addition to any home, but it’s not the easiest thing to look after. Dealing with drought, moss, moles and other common problems gets tiresome quickly. That’s why high-quality artificial turf is becoming more popular. Using only the highest-quality materials S&P Hardscape Remodeling will ensure you get a convincing lawn that looks great all year round.

Get Your Free Quote Today In Beverly Hills CA

You could make significant improvements to your Beverly Hills home with high-quality hardscape features. S&P Hardscape Remodeling, your local hardscape specialists, have great prices and offer free quotes in your area. Why not get a free quote today, and see how your home could be improved?


Patio looks really great and we’ve been getting compliments left and right. Your design really did come out just like I’d hoped, so thanks again, and get ready for the onslaught of phone calls from my friends and neighbors.
Deborah Lilly
The stone benches and pillars you built for us have a really cool and ancient look about them, at least that’s what a neighbor told me recently. I have to say I agree. Thanks for doing such a great job.
Helen Kaminski
We’ve been getting so many compliments on our backyard I just had to thank you guys again. The fire pit and surrounding water features combined with the paver walkways come together wonderfully.
Annalise Walberg

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