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Hardscape Paving Near Los Feliz CA

Your backyard landscape can be improved with unique hardscape features. Make the most of your outdoor spaces with custom hardscaping work that really suits your home and lifestyle. Whether this involves walkways, patios, driveways or full remodeling, the quality paving S&P Hardscape Remodeling  provides is the way to go. Our cheap hardscape installation services result in beautiful landscape design features. So your backyard or driveway can transform without you having to pay a fortune for it. With a team of Los Feliz-based hardscape design experts to assist you, your dream landscape will soon become a reality.

Some Of The Low Cost Hardscaping Services We Offer In Los Feliz CA:

Patio Cover Installation

You can’t always get the most out of your patios. With most outdoor spaces exposed to the elements, it can be hard to really utilize these areas as much as you’d like. Blazing sun can make it uncomfortable to spend much time outdoors, while even the smallest hint of rain can spoil an afternoon outside. Patio cover installation is fast and effective and ensures that the outdoor areas of your Los Feliz property are kept protected all year long.

Hardscape Remodeling Backyards

If your existing hardscape features don’t quite suit your home or are starting to weaken and wear out, don’t just put up with them. Hardscape remodeling is a great way to restore your Los Feliz landscape to perfect condition. You can easily change and alter existing designs to fit your needs, too. So don’t simply accept a second-rate paving job or an underwhelming walkway. Schedule custom hardscape remodeling to get the features you really want.

Hardscape Paving Services

Paving makes an excellent surface for any home. Not only is it an exceptionally practical material, offering hard-wearing durability and easy maintenance. Hardscape paving is also available in a huge range of styles, colors, and designs. You can pick any combination of pavers you want, mixing and matching to create the perfect style. Hardscape paving makes for the perfect way to accentuate and improve your outdoor spaces, for all Los Feliz properties.

Driveway Installation & Repair

Possibly the most important but least considered part of your home is the driveway. Unless something’s gone wrong with it, how often do you ever think about it? It’s essential to get it right, though. When you install a new driveway at your property, you need to know that it’ll be strong, stable and reliable for years to come. You also need access to the many different design options your local experts can provide. Find the right new driveway for your Los Feliz home and get the ideal new entrance to your home.

Fire Pit Installation

Long evenings spent outside with friends, lazy weekend barbecues and much more besides. There are plenty of reasons why fire pits are a great addition to any home. Enhance your home and install an amazing center point with a new fire pit that suits it perfectly. Your local experts here at S&P Hardscape Remodeling can help you choose the perfect design, and ensure your new fire pit is installed to the highest safety and professional standards.

Pool Side Pavers Installation

One of the best materials for any poolside are pavers. These hard-wearing materials need little maintenance but can be counted on to offer safe, non-slip footing even when wet. In addition to their great durability and drainage capabilities, pavers are available in a wide range of styles. They can create all sorts of color schemes and designs. This allows you to create an amazing complement to your backyard’s existing aesthetics. Tie together your outdoor spaces with warm, honey-colored Mediterranean cobbles. You can also accentuate a modern feel with smart gray slates. Pool deck pavers make for an excellent addition with excellent traction to enhance the utility, safety, and looks of your Los Feliz home.

Landscape Remodeling Projects For Los Feliz and Nearby

Making changes to your home doesn’t have to be difficult. With landscape remodeling, you can alter your property to suit your needs, and turn it into the house you really want. Turn that dull space of grass into an inviting path, or introduce some clever design tie-ins that make your home unforgettable. Creating the perfect home is easier than you think, so why not get in touch with your local experts today?

Hardscape Paving Pros Near You In Los Feliz CA

Why wait another day to improve your backyard or driveway? Contact S&P Hardscape Remodeling to schedule a free estimate on any hardscape remodeling work you want. With our cheap-yet-reliable paving work, the exterior landscape design of your Los Feliz business or home will become a sight to behold.


My new paved driveway looks beautiful. Matches the front of the house perfectly. You guys made it look easy.
Frank Dominguez
Our new paver pool deck looks fantastic as promised. Thanks for doing a great job.
Deborah Habib
Wow, the backyard patio turned out exactly the way I pictured it. Thank you for the remodeling work.
Linda Beckett

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