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Landscape Design & Hardscape Paving in Studio City CA

Your Studio City property deserves high-quality hardscape features. Patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks all make up important parts of the exterior of your business or home. Hardscape features are much more than just functional objects. These are part of what makes your property yours. Choosing the right hardscape design features for your home ensures you'll get the most out of your landscape. From paved patio covers to retaining walls and water features. Our local experts at S&P Hardscape Remodeling are ready to help you make any hardscape design idea a reality. Get in touch with us for a free estimate on any hardscape design and/or backyard remodeling work you're interested in.

Use Pavers and Hardscapes to Improve Your Backyard Landscape In Studio City CA

Paver Patios Offer Impressive Design And Practicality

Many property owners in Studio City choose pavers for their patios because they look great. It’s true, patios made from pavers look fantastic. With an unparalleled selection of designs and styles to choose from, you can easily create the perfect patio for your property. Of course, the other massive benefit is that they’re extremely practical. Pavers are hard-wearing and easy to maintain, as well as providing excellent drainage capabilities. You can improve every aspect of the outdoor landscape with new hardscapes and a paved backyard patio.

Water Features For Your Home

Nothing provides such an excellent focal point as a water feature. Captivate visitors and draw the eye by installing an abstract fountain on your property. It’s essential to make sure your new water feature is both attractive and functional. For this, you can trust our Studio City hardscape experts to provide in-depth advice and guidance. This ensures you’ll get a fountain that looks great but also works reliably. You won’t want to deal with a paved water feature that keeps clogging or breaking down. That's why you ought to consult with hardscaping experts beforehand. Paved water features can add a great deal of value and aesthetics to your backyard or your driveway. See what's available and find out which options suit your preference and budget. 

Pool Side Pavers - Safe And Appealing

Pavers make an ideal material for poolside hardscapes. You can get pavers installed in nearly any pattern and design you can imagine. This allows you to use warm Mediterranean-style cobbles or sleek modern slate to produce a design all your own. Thanks to the fast water drainage capabilities of pavers, they’re also perfect for pool decks. Bricks and paving stones always remain non-slip, even when they’re wet. Therefore, they’re perfect for all poolside hardscapes. This is one aspect of your Studio City property that merits using pavers over stamped concrete.

Outdoor Kitchen - Get Cooking In The Fresh Air

What could be better than whipping up a meal in the evening sun? Cooking al fresco has an understandable appeal, and creating your own outdoor kitchen is a great way to experience everything the outdoors has to offer. It’s also a fantastic centerpiece if you’re entertaining friends and family. Rather than being stuck indoors while everyone else enjoys the sun, you can be right out there with your guests. Studio City residents can benefit enormously from a custom outdoor kitchen. Why not get in touch with S&P Hardscape Remodeling today to see how you could benefit?

Patio Covers – Fixed and Free Standing

When the sun’s shining, you’ll want to get out on the patio for as long as possible. However, blazing sunshine can make it difficult to really enjoy your outdoor spaces. It’s hard to relax when temperatures soar, and you can’t find any shade. A free-standing or attached patio cover is what you need. Providing cover from direct sunlight allows you to easily get the most from your patio. Enjoy lazy afternoons in the backyard and long evenings with friends. Patio covers come in all sorts of designs and builds. You can choose whichever material and style that best suits your taste. Find out how your local Studio City hardscape specialists can help by contacting us for a free estimate.

Landscape Remodeling Improves Any Property

Are you really making the most out of your home? Or do the hardscape features have more to do with plain functionality? Why not consider a professional remodeling, which can breathe new life into any property. Walls and walkways can be altered to provide a more natural aesthetic, and improved materials can make these features look amazing. Combine a wide range of design elements and materials to create the home of your dreams. Find out more about how the Studio City hardscape specialists can improve your property.

Start Making Improvements Today In Studio City CA

Why wait to start improving your Studio City property? Your local hardscape specialists at S&P Hardscape Remodeling are nearby and ready to transform your driveway and/or backyard. With free quotes and competitive rates, you can get the best service around whenever you want it. From pillars and paver walkways to various hardscapes and paved features. Give us a call to set up a free consultation and find out what types of options suit you best.


The pergola you built in our backyard made it a lot nicer and my kids have been spending a lot of time there, which is great ‘cause I’ve been trying to get them to leave the house more. Thanks for everything!
Dan Marcus
I thought your design idea was great, but wasn’t sure if you could pull it off. Well, I’m happy to be proven wrong. New driveway looks great, and the pillars give it a wonderful classic appeal. Thank you.
Mark Hampshire
The new driveway pavers you installed in place of the old and cracking surface really do look great. The design pattern really stands out and we’ve been loving it.
Ana Row

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