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Hardscape Paving in Bel Air CA

From retaining walls to driveways, custom gazebos, and patio covers. It’s always a good idea to install quality hardscape features in your property. There are a huge number of ways to customize hardscape features to your precise needs. There’s never a need to compromise. You can turn your Bel Air home from ordinary to amazing with the addition of a few key landscape features. Make the most out of summer evenings with a paver fire pit installation. Ensure your pool side areas are both safe and attractive by choosing to make them with nonslip pavers. Any backyard remodeling project you have in mind is easily achievable, and for cheap too. You just need to know a good hardscape design company near your area. Well, you can probably guess who we're thinking of.

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Patio Cover Installation

Inviting friends over on a summer evening? A little bit of rain is enough to send everyone running inside, spoiling a great night. Likewise, a patio that offers no shade from a blazing sun means you can’t ever make the most of a summer’s day. Patio cover installation offers solutions to all of these problems. Choose a patio cover that matches your Bel Air property perfectly. Whether you want an attached cover or a free standing one. A paved gazebo or one made of wood or bricks. Your new patio cover will complement your backyard's existing aesthetics with a range of materials and colors.

Paver Installation Services

Low maintenance and attractive, hardscape pavers have plenty to offer. They're a great way to make the exterior of your Bel Air home or business both practical and visually appealing. Installing pavers works great for a wide range of different situations. You can use paving stones to create flat and textured surfaces wherever necessary. From paver walkways to backyard patio extension areas. The team here at S&P Hardscape Remodeling can complete the paver installation for cheap as well as quickly. With excellent drainage and foundational support, it's no wonder why many Bel Air locals choose pavers over concrete. Paver installation also allows for a wide selection of different paving styles to choose from. You can create the perfect new hardscape features for your property.

Backyard Remodeling Services

Has the backyard landscape of your Bel Air property always left something to be desired? Maybe a path that always floods when there’s rain or a retaining wall that doesn’t really look right? Your local experts here at S&P Hardscape Remodeling are ready to lend a helping hand. With a free estimate for us, you’ll get in-depth guidance on how to approach the backyard remodeling project. See what sort of hardscape design options are popular, and what complement your landscape best. No job is too big, or too small. Whether you need a new backyard patio, paver walkways or some other hardscape feature installed, you'll find us more than up to the challenge. Services also include installing paved outdoor kitchen areas as well as patio covers.

Paver Driveway Installation

One of the most popular materials for driveways is pavers and with good reason. These paving stones allow you to create the perfect hardscape design for your Bel Air property. You have the option of choosing from a huge range of styles, colors, shapes, and patterns. Driveway pavers don’t just look great, though. When you choose pavers for your new driveway, you get a hard-wearing material that provides excellent practical benefits. From low maintenance requirements to excellent water drainage, paver driveways make for a great improvement to any property's front.

Paver Pillar Construction

This is a good hardscape feature to add to your backyard or driveway. Pillars make for excellent landscape design enhancements. You can even have them built with electrical wire housings to install driveway lights or ambiance creating lights for the backyard. From bricks to stone pavers to even poured concrete, whichever paving material you want is suitable. You can add pillars alongside paver driveways to accentuate their design or have them stand out like a gateway to guide foot traffic.

Artificial Turf Installation

A beautifully-kept lawn looks fantastic and is a great part of any Bel Air home. It’s a lot of effort, though. Not only do you have to keep it carefully mowed throughout the year, but it also needs constant maintenance to avoid yellowing, weeds, and patches of dead grass. Save yourself the trouble by installing artificial turf instead. This looks just as good as the real thing but is hardier and far easier to look after. S&P Hardscape Remodeling provides quality artificial turf for cheap and ensures it’s installed to the highest professional standards.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Al fresco dining is always a pleasure, and you can make it a reality with an outdoor kitchen. There’s no feeling quite like preparing a meal in the fresh air, with friends gathered around and the sun shining down. Your new outdoor kitchen can be designed to suit your needs exactly, giving you the opportunity to shape it to your precise requirements. Invest in some outdoor furniture and a kitchen table, and you’ll have the perfect space to enjoy outdoor eating with friends and family. Many Bel Air homeowners already hired us to build them a paved outdoor kitchen. The response has been nothing short of extremely positive. Get a free estimate to find out more about the details and special offers.

Cheap Hardscape Paving Services Near You In Bel Air CA

Why pay more for something when you can pay less and get a better result? S&P Hardscape Remodeling specializes in providing backyard remodeling and hardscape design services at low-cost rates. You can enhance your landscape design with a wide range of paving services, using high-quality materials, but paying much less. Schedule a free estimate today and meet with an expert to see what sort of hardscape designs work best for your Bel Air business or home.


You guys are amazing. Very happy I got you to replace my paver pool deck. It has a nice look and an excellent non-slip texture. I appreciate the quality work.
Tammy Laris
New paved driveway looks really good. Thanks for the great service and the fair price.
Blair Oolong
You did an excellent job with the new paver patio. Very even surface and a lovely design. Thanks.
Illona Williams

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