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Hardscape Paving In Brentwood CA

Improving or remodeling your outdoor property is a big project, but it can be a very rewarding one. Brentwood property owners have access to experienced, low cost landscape paving services. Our hardscape design experts specialize in building paved landscape features out of cement, stone or brick pavers. And plenty more esoteric options besides. Our professionals can help you find the most cost effective way to make your dreams a reality. Whether you want a small patio added or a full backyard remodeling with paver paths and courtyards you’ve come to the right place. You can also hire us to have a full sized outdoor kitchen area put in, with a gazebo, patio covers, and other enhancements, like a paver fire pit. And it all starts with a free estimate.

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Backyard Remodeling For Cheap

Many outdoor properties in Brentwood have most of their space in the back yard, and there’s a lot you can choose to do with it! Moving earth to change the shape of the land is just the beginning. You might also want to add paved paths and courtyards, garden retention walls to protect the plants, or even whole outbuildings. The backyard is also a perfect place for patios, outdoor kitchens, and swimming pools or hot tubs. S&P Hardscape Remodeling can install, remove, or adjust your backyard hardscape into whatever you’d like it to be.

Hardscape Walkway Installation

Some clear walking paths will keep you and others from tracking dirt inside the house, and from trampling your lawn or garden. In addition to connecting your house, gate, and outbuildings or landscape features, walkways have aesthetic value. A winding path allows easier access and appreciation of your garden, shrubbery, or orchard. With the right choice of pavers – perhaps some rounded red brick, or gleaming bluestone or travertine – a walkway can be a thing of beauty on its own. You can get the entire landscape of your Brentwood property to look like anything from a chessboard to an intricate walking maze.

Driveway Paving & Maintenance

A good driveway should lead from gate to garage as quickly as possible without getting in the way of your other landscape features. An even better driveway will do that while also being pleasant to look at, clear of debris, and built to last. Smooth and tightly fitted stone pavers can make the most durable and attractive automobile driveways. Raising or putting a ditch beside the driveway will keep it cleaner and clearer, and some stone or brick walls will make it safer.

Hardscape Remodeling Work

Removing a paved hardscape feature is no simple task. Any Brentwood-based landscaper worthy of the name will root their creations deep, and cement the pavers together to last for decades. Don’t worry, though; our specialized equipment and experienced team are up to the task! Removing, relocating, or resizing your outdoor construction is a delicate art, and our team takes pride in minimizing expenses and making the best use of existing foundations.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

You don’t need to go all the way to a campground to enjoy an outdoor barbecue or an evening around a roaring bonfire. Paver fire pits, grills, and even complete outdoor kitchens with electricity and running water are available for installation on any local Brentwood property. Outdoor kitchens make a great addition to any large patio or courtyard. Just adding a simple paved fire pit or grill with a table and benches nearby will make your backyard remodeling project much more exciting! Depending on the scale of this hardscape feature, you can use it for family events or for large garden parties.

Hardscape Installation For Backyards and Lawns

Stone, brick, or tile pavers laid across hard-packed sand or cement can create a truly eye-catching sight. These hardscape surfaces can serve as the foundation of almost anything you could want on your Brentwood property. Patios, walking paths or driveways, and walls or outbuildings you install with us are built to last, rooted deep in the soil and perfectly fitted and cemented. Just choose what you’d like to put in, or explore this site for some intriguing suggestions.

Expert Astroturf Installation In Brentwood CA

Everyone enjoys the look and feel of grass, but a live lawn isn’t always practical. Taking care of a grassy yard takes time and effort. It also demands significant quantities of water, and there’s always the risk of plant barbs and pesky insects. Astroturf gives your lawn/backyard the soothing appearance and comfortable texture of grass without the expenses. It does away with complications, and environmental concerns. S&P Hardscape Remodeling can provide synthetic lawns of any size and shape that will last for years with little to no maintenance required.

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You did a hell of a job on my driveway. The new pavers look great and the whole surface has an even a beautiful design. Thank you!
Ronda Howard
Very happy with the backyard patio paver extensions turned out. You did a fantastic job with this remodeling project.
Paul Weintraub
I'm really pleased with the new paver pillars you added to my front yard and backyard. The colored lighting fixtures really add a lot to the nightly ambiance.
Tina Jasmine

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