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Beautiful Hardscape Designs

Quality pavers for driveways, backyards, gazebos, and more! Schedule a free estimate and tell us what sort of remodeling work you're interested in.

Pavers & Hardscapes In Reseda CA

Your backyard and front driveway can have a luxurious look or classic elegance. You get to decide which style you want. With our expert paving and hardscape design services, anyone around Reseda can add various landscape features to their property. Some of the services we offer include:

Driveway Installation

Get your front entrance area to look however you want. You can choose a crisscross pattern of pavers or stamped concrete smoothness with an upper-level texture. Our paving experts specialize in replacing driveways and installing new surface areas. Plus, we also build paver and brick pillars, complete with lighting fixtures and in a variety of designs.

Beautiful Paved Walkways In Reseda CA

From flagstones to cobbles, connecting paved paths can add a lot to your Reseda backyard. Paver walkways will help you maintain the yard's appeal and keep you from tracking mud and dirt inside the house. They make for beautiful hardscape additions to the yard and bring a touch of style to the overall landscape design.

Backyard Patio Installation

Create the perfect outdoor lounge area complete with attached or free standing patio covers. A full patio set can also include outdoor kitchen layout with a BBQ island. You can enjoy hanging out or dinging out in the backyard every day if you want. We've helped plenty of folks around Reseda add and extend patios in their backyard, and we're happy to do the same for you.

Paver Fire Pits

Speaking of outside dining, with dug-in fire pits and other variations you can enjoy cookouts and marshmallow roasting festivities. Huddle around the fire pit with family and friends and enjoy your dinners under the stars.

Brick and Paver Courtyards

If you own a larger piece of property or want to give the back or front yard more texture, new courtyards can do wonders for that. We also build gazebos and pergolas, to extend past your porch or patio and create a beautiful hardscape design that captures the eye. Your Reseda backyard can completely transform with the right addition of hardscapes.

Recent Hardscaping Work In Reseda CA

Take a look at a few of the latest landscape design and paving services we completed around this part of California. See if any of these designs and hardscape features appeal to you. If so, we're always ready to give free estimates on all types of landscape paving and remodeling work.

Paver Walkway Nearby Lake Balboa | S&P Hardscape Remodeling

Paver Walkway

Customer Issue: Mr. Gilman ordered a garden walkway to better show off his family’s new property. He wanted it finished quickly, so his wife could start planting around it as soon as possible.
Our Solution: For the winding walkway the Gilmans wanted, we needed to plan with great care. We marked the outer bounds of each twist and curve with stakes, hoses, and flags before digging it out. We rechecked the measurements and distances, smoothed the edges as needed, and then started laying the gravel and sand. Smooth conglomerate pebble and cement pavers, two centimeters above ground level, made up the walkway itself.

Robert Gilman - Lake Balboa
Paver Patio Installation Nearby Reseda | S&P Hardscape Remodeling

Paver Patio Installation

Customer Issue: The customer wanted a paved patio to fill the space between his driveway and the front door. This meant a clear delineation between the parking lot and the porch to keep things safe.
Our Solution: We laid a cinderblock and sand layer over the initial gravel pit, to make sure the porch was high above parking lot level. After leveling it all, we coated the top and sides with adhesive cement and layered imitation brick pavers with white highlights to make a perfect geometric covering. Then we put in a couple of steps, and a cast iron fence with higher supports going up to an attached wood and shingle cover.

Judson Vugg - Reseda
Commercial & Residential Pavers

Commercial & Residential Pavers

A wide selection of hardscape services near Los Angeles available for both homes and businesses.
Professional Team

Professional Team

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Personal Touch

Personal Touch

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High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Expert paver remodeling projects, from backyard patios to driveways and pool decks.

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