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Pavers & Hardscapes In Pacific Palisades CA

Hardscape Designs For Driveways & Backyards

From paver driveways to stamped concrete driveways and courtyards Quality work at the lowest costs near Pacific Palisades

Pavers & Hardscapes In Pacific Palisades CA

If you're looking to remodel the front or back of your property, we've got hardscape design specialists that can bring your ideas into reality. We offer specialized paving services for backyards and driveways. These cover everything from walkways and paths to courtyards and even larger structures like gazebos, decks, and even outdoor kitchen patio sets. Of course, all these come with a free estimate first, during which you can consult with the best landscape paving contractors near Pacific Palisades for advice and guidance (and free quotes!).

Hardscape Paving in Pacific Palisades CA

Paving work involves all sorts of meticulous levels, including setting base layers to prevent sinking and ensuring good adhesion to last in the long run. We can install all sorts of paving stone paths in your front or backyard to connect different sections of your home or commercial business without having people walk on the grass. This includes paving entire patios and courtyards, as well as installing pillars and small walls to serve as seating areas.

Paver Patios & Pool Decks

Pavers can offer you an excellent grip (great for safety around pools) while also allowing you to create beautiful and intricate hardscape designs. With a mixture of cobblestones, bricks, slates, and other paving stones, you can transform different parts of your backyard, like the patio and the pool deck, to give it an eye-catching design that stays safe to walk on when it gets wet. We offer low costs on beautiful patios and pool decks made of pavers to anyone near the Pacific Palisades area. Get in touch with us to have an in-person consultation with a paving expert near you.

New Driveway Installation

How's your old driveway looking? Any uneven sections, cracks, oil stains or other clear evidence of damage? With our driveway installers (the best in Pacific Palisades and nearby) you can have that entire surface area (or parts of it) replaced with new pavers and stamped concrete sections. We can install a stamped concrete driveway with an intricate look of stones and bricks. We can also use actual stones, bricks, and pavers to install a new paver driveway at your residential or commercial property, using a mixture of colors to create any pattern of your choice.


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