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Hardscape Landscape Paving in Van Nuys CA

Beautiful Hardscape Landscape Designs

For your driveway & backyard. Pillars, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and all sorts of walkways and courtyards made from stamped concrete and a huge variety of paving stones. Book a free estimate to learn more.

Hardscape Landscape Paving in Van Nuys CA

Thinking about remodeling some part of your landscape? Whether it's the backyard patio or the front driveway, we've got the best hardscape specialists in Van Nuys ready to help you out. From paving courtyards and pool decks to building gazebos, patio covers, and complete outdoor kitchen sets. We can completely transform your driveway and remodel your backyard to give it any type of landscape design you want.

Paver Patio Installation

Looking to have a place to lounge out in the backyard? Many Van Nuys locals choose to have a backyard patio paved to give the landscape design texture and utility. With a nice spot to hangout (including a patio cover), you can have shelter from the sun while continuing to enjoy the outdoors all day long if you choose. We can use stamped concrete or various types of pavers to create a patio and/or courtyard that gives your backyard character and functionality simultaneously.

Outdoor Kitchen Sets

Speaking of backyard patios, what could be better than to add paved seating arrangements complete with a BBQ island and stone table? Many Van Nuys residents call us about adding outdoor kitchen setups to their backyards, and it's no wonder. With this hardscape feature, you can choose to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside with comfort and convenience. Outdoor kitchens can bring the family together, with the beauty of the outdoors making for the perfect surrounding design. Get your kids to enjoy spending time outside and let their smartphones and tablets a rest for a while.

Pool Deck Pavers in Van Nuys CA

Give your backyard pool better safety and a wonderful hardscape design look. A paver pool deck has excellent texture and grip, meaning it provides a non-slip surface around the usually slippery pool area. This is vital for personal safety and preventing accidents. Of course, the added beauty of our paver pool decks serve as a major enhanced to the landscape design too. We've yet to hear a complaint.

Courtyards & Gazebos

Talk about a hardscape design feature to add beauty to your Van Nuys landscape. With paved courtyards, you can really transform the whole back or front yard. Segmenting the grass and earth and creating pieces of hardscape design and paths can give the whole landscape a beautiful design. We specialize in paving courtyards that serve as centerpieces for the whole property's front or back. Plus, we build gazebos with or without covers, to add character to the area and serve as a sitting lounge outside.

Brick & Paver Fire Pits

Want to really enjoy your Van Nuys backyard? A new paved fire pit can give you an avenue for entertainment on weekends, weeknights, and even during the day. Invite your friends and family over for cookouts every whenever you want and use your brick or paver fire pit as a safe and efficient cooking feature. It tends to draw a crowd and works incredibly well with paved benches and nearby water features forming the complete hardscape design package.

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