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Hardscape Pavers in Northridge CA

Looking for ways to improve your property? New hardscape solutions could be the perfect way to do so. A new patio cover lets you get the most out of sunny days. Paved driveways make a statement. High-quality pool side pavers provide safety and an impressive design feature. We can create these features to your specifications. No matter what you need, you’ll get the best service around at a highly competitive price. Your nearby Northridge hardscape providers are ready to help you improve your property.

Our Professional Hardscaping Services Include in Northridge CA:

Backyard Patios - The Perfect Outdoor Space

Your backyard is where you make the most of sunny days. It’s where friends and family come to unwind, and it’s worth investing in. A patio is a great way to provide a focal point to any backyard. With plenty of different design options available, you can choose any combination of styles and colors. This lets you create the perfect new patio for your property. Find out how you could enhance your Northridge home with a new backyard patio today.

Paver Pool Decks - Top Quality And Safe

Surround your pool with high-quality pavers. They’ll look great because you can choose the exact colors and styles that best suit your property. Tie together various design elements with your selection of pavers. Select from beautiful stone flagstones, smart bluestone, rustic cobbles, and much more. You’ll also benefit from the high safety factor of pavers. These bricks will quickly drain water, and also provide excellent grip when wet. That makes them perfect for a pool deck that looks great and keeps people safe.

Paver Walkways - Not Just A Path

Pavers are the ideal material for walkways. Thanks to their fast-draining properties, they won’t let standing water develop. They also offer a good level of grip underfoot in wet conditions, so you won’t find yourself struggling to stay on your feet. Most importantly, the massive range of different bricks you can choose from lets you create the perfect walkway for your home. By complementing your property’s design, you can tie your home together. Bring out the best in your Northridge home by choosing custom paver walkways.

Patio Covers Keep You Comfortable

Who doesn’t want to get out in the sun? However, it’s all too easy for a day in the sun to end up in discomfort. Sunburn, glare, and overheating make it hard to enjoy your patio space. You don’t have to put up with this, though. Choose a custom patio cover to suit your patio, and you’ll have shade whenever you need it. This leaves you free to choose and offers a great way to make the most of your backyard. A freestanding patio cover or gazebo also protects from rain so that you won’t find your alfresco evening dining disrupted by a surprise shower. Find out how the Northridge-based hardscaping professionals can help you.

Brick Fire Pits - A Perfect Centerpiece

On a warm summer night, what could be better than gathering with family and friends around your backyard fire pit? Whether you’re just enjoying the company, toasting marshmallows, or cooking up some burgers, it’s a brilliant addition to any home. Brick fire pits are very safe and heat-resistant. This makes them a more reliable choice than metal fire pits, which can cause burns when touched accidentally. Find the perfect fire pit today, and install a centerpiece for your backyard.

Turf Installation Provides A High-Quality Lawn

Our turf installation services create lawns that any homeowner would be proud of. Featuring a seed mix that’s both hardy and lush, you’ll be impressed at how good your new garden looks. We’ll install your lawn to the highest standards, ensuring adequate drainage and underlay is put in place. This helps keep out weeds while allowing water to drain properly. Contact the hardscape experts in Northridge today to see how little a new lawn could cost you.

Backyard Remodeling Lets You Create The Ideal Home

A lot of homeowners never make many alterations to their property. They grow accustomed to it, and never realize how many improvements they could make. With a little thought and the help of the experts at S&P Hardscape Remodeling, you can remodel your backyard to enhance your lifestyle. With new water features, walkways, retaining walls and paved areas you’ll have a home that’s your own.

High-Quality Hardscapes Near You in Northridge CA

Get your free quote today. For new patio covers, pavers, walls and more, S&P Hardscape Remodeling has the best hardscape experts in the entire Northridge area. Get in touch with us to schedule a free estimate on any landscape design work you want. We build patio covers as well as fire pits and complete courtyards or gazebos. Whatever hardscape feature your front or backyard landscape needs to enhance its appearance and utility.


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