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Landscape Paving Near Hollywood CA

Outdoor property can be much more than just grass and fences. Everything from driveways to patios to outdoor swimming pools makes up your Hollywood property's hardscape. The landscape design of your home or business can be nearly as important as the house itself. If you’re looking for professional hardscape remodeling services, let us know! Our professional services include installation, remodeling, and paving services for outdoor hardscape elements of all kinds. Whether it's your backyard or your front lawn or driveway. Whatever features you want laid down with concrete and pavers, our team can build it. Preliminary consultation is free!

Hardscape Walkways & Outdoor Kitchens

It’s not just cars that need a paved road to move on. Some nice cobblestone or tile pavers can make an easy walking trail to connect your house, detached garage, swimming pool, and anywhere else. A Hollywood house with a large lawn or garden can also benefit from a winding path that lets you look at everything up close without having to step on the grass. For longer paths, you can also have supported roofing put over it. In addition, you can also remodel your backyard patio into a paved outdoor kitchen area. Alternatively, you can have a new hardscape surface paved and seats and tables constructed on top of it. Your outdoor kitchen can flaunt hardscape features like a paver BBQ island or fire pit. These paved surfaces and structures make for great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors more often.

Hardscape Remodeling Services In Hollywood CA

Removing old paved features or reshaping a patio or driveway is a difficult task. But it’s quite doable with professional tools and training. Removing an existing hardscape feature means prying up the pavers and removing the sand or cement base below. Then, the area needs to get refilled with soil or building foundations. With time and careful planning, you can turn any outdoor area of your Hollywood home or business into just about anything else you’d like.

Free Estimates Available On All Services In Hollywood CA, Including:

Paver Driveway Installation

If your driveway is in bad shape, or you need a new one added, our hardscape paving experts have your back. Asphalt, stone or brick pavers, and stamped or plain cement are all good options for a new driveway or parking lot. Adding a wall or other barrier along the sides will also make the driveway safer, and prevent dirt and damage. Have some drainage tubes or ditches built into it as well, and driveway flooding stops being a concern.

Complete Backyard Remodeling

If you’re like most Hollywood homeowners, you have your best hardscape features out in the backyard – or would like to! Balancing the greenery and paved elements of a backyard has an art to it, which is why our consultation visits are free of charge. Get professional opinions on how best to reinvent your backyard and the most cost-effective technique for doing so. Then watch as we make it a reality for you. You can turn yours into a walking garden, an outdoor barbecue kitchen complete with appliances and dining areas, a swimming pool, or anything else.

New Hardscape Installation

Adding a new landscape feature to your Hollywood property is a key step in backyard remodeling or just general land improvement. Hardscapes can be made out of stamped concrete or various types of pavers and tiles. The options include walkways and driveways, outbuildings, pools and all sorts of water features, to name a few. Pretty much anything else not made of earth or plant life is a possibility. This includes whole patio surfaces with built-in paved seating arrangements and even paver fire pits or BBQ islands. Our years of experience helping residential and commercial establishments in Hollywood achieve the landscape design they want can serve you well. Just tell us what hardscape design feature you want added and where it should go. From the initial digging and sand-packing to the finishing decorative touches on the new pavers, our team can handle it all!

Water Features Construction

Think you have room for an outdoor swimming pool in your remodeled backyard? Maybe a fountain or fish pond as a parking lot centerpiece? A little garden brook with an old-fashioned stone bridge over it? The water basin, circulation and filtration equipment, and surrounding paver walls and floors are all on the menu at reasonable prices. You can make your home truly live up to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. All it takes is some creativity... and expert hardscape design work.

Patio Cover Installation

Of course, enjoying your remolded backyard would be annoying if you had to constantly deal with the harsh sun or other elements. Well, with an attached or free-standing patio cover, you’ll have a much easier time. We can pave an entirely new paved roof or even build a gazebo for you to enjoy. Covering your backyard patio, if not fully then at least to some extent, will greatly improve its usability, as well as its landscape design contribution.

Backyard Patio Paving

A comfortable backyard patio can improve any house, especially with some aesthetically pleasing bluestone or travertine pavers. Patios can also come with seating, tables, and fences or walls. You can keep off the sun and rain by adding a roof, or even a full-on detached gazebo setup with columns, raised floors, and steps. A well-made covered patio can be like another room of your house!

Call us to schedule a free estimate on any backyard remodeling or hardscape design project you're interested in. Our affordable hardscape paving services can completely transform the landscape of your Hollywood business or home.


The new paver pool deck you built is great. We don't get any grass or mud into the pool, and the lawn beside it doesn't get wet at all. The bricks also have excellent traction, which is a relief, 'cause my kids insist on running around constantly!
Paul Rorly
You really made my backyard look like it's complete new. Technically, I guess it is, what with all the new hardscape paths decorating it now. It looks absolutely gorgeous!
Francine Wallbach
We've been eating out in the backyard so often, I think our indoor kitchen is getting jealous. It's been breakfast, lunch, and dinner ever since you finished building our outdoor kitchen and patio cover. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Jasmine Prusount

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