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Landscape Paving & Hardscape Design in Del Rey CA

Any property owner in or near Del Rey can benefit from high-quality hardscape services. S&P Hardscape Remodeling, your local hardscape specialists, provide a massive range of different options for any homeowner to choose from. You can select a patio cover that lets you make the most of your outdoor spaces. Find retaining walls that perfectly complement your property’s design. Choose patio pavers that come in any number of different colors and styles. Make your home truly your own by choosing the right hardscape features.

Some Of Our Hardscape Design Services In Del Rey CA:

Pool Side Pavers

When friends and family are enjoying your pool, you want to be sure they’re kept safe. A significant consideration is to prevent slips and falls, which can prove dangerous. To help guard against this, choose pool side pavers for your property. These bricks are specially designed to provide excellent grip underfoot, even when wet. Thanks to their fast-draining properties, they’re also perfect for pool side surfaces. Also, you can choose from a vast range of styles and designs to ensure your pool looks great.

Outdoor Kitchen - Make The Most Of The Sun

Get outdoors and experience authentic al fresco dining. When you can cook as well as east outside, you’re making the most of your backyard. You can choose from our wide range of outdoor kitchen designs, which incorporate all the tools you need to make an outdoor feast. These features are a great focal point for any property and add a real sense of individuality as well. Find the right kitchen for your Del Rey home today.

Retaining Walls - Not Just A Functional Feature

There are plenty of homeowners who regard their retaining walls as purely functional. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. As the team at S&P Hardscape Remodeling understands, your retaining walls play a large part in how people experience your home. Will they accentuate and emphasize the good aspects of your Del Rey property? Or will they simply mark boundaries and disrupt the view? Choose the right materials for your new retaining walls, from a wide range that can suit any design needs. Get in touch with your nearby Del Rey hardscape providers today to find out more.

Artificial Turf Installation

Do you want a beautiful, lush lawn without the effort? Constant weeding and watering can be a pain, and for many people, it’s simply not worth all the effort. Why not choose high-quality artificial turf instead? Real-looking turf installed to the highest standards offers durable quality that looks great and lasts. You can be sure that your Del Rey property will receive the best artificial turf on the market, at attractive rates. All turf is laid to the highest standards, with careful drainage, sand and membrane underlay installed where necessary.

Patio Covers Provide Shade And Shelter

When it’s hot outside, few people really get the most out of their patios. Often, despite it being a beautiful day, it’s simply too hot. You need some shade, and a patio cover is the best way to get it. Choose from our wide selection of varied styles, including freestanding covers and gazebos. These ensure that any Del Rey home can benefit from high-quality shelters and shade. You can also choose design options to suit your property, including different materials and finishes.

Driveway Paving - A Great First Impression

When visitors arrive at your property, you want to make them say “wow!”. A concrete or tarmac driveway won’t do this, but a custom-designed paved driveway will. You can create the perfect design to your exact specifications, down to the type of bricks used and the different colors. Pick the right patterns to make a strong first impression and enhance the appeal of your home. Paved driveways are an excellent and practical choice, and are a popular (and cost-effective) choice.

Landscape Remodeling Makes Your Home Your Own

For a lot of homeowners, the features of their home are simply part of the scenery. Maybe they came with the house when they bought it. Perhaps you don’t think they could look any better. No matter what the case, landscape remodeling is a fantastic way to make your property belong to you. Pick and choose precisely how you want your home to look, and put your mark on it. You can choose every last detail, allowing you to create the perfect environment for you and your family.

Top Quality Hardscape Solutions In Del Rey CA

Any Del Rey home can benefit from improved hardscape features. You don’t need to accept mediocre designs that don’t suit your lifestyle. Get a free quote today to see how your property could be enhanced. Just get in touch with S&P Hardscape Remodeling to find out how you could benefit.


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