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Our beautiful hardscape designs for patios, pool decks, courtyards and all other types of landscape features will transform your Palms backyard and/or driveway!
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Pavers & Hardscapes in Palms CA

Using top-quality pavers, bricks, stones and even stamped concrete, we've completed all sorts of hardscape designs for Palms homes and businesses. Our backyard and driveway paving experts know how to create intricate templates with beautiful patterns that also provide utility and can withstand lots of traffic. Thinking of remodeling your front or backyard and installing new hardscapes? We're the nearest backyard hardscape contractors to call on for free estimates and consultations.

Some Paving & Hardscaping Services We Offer In Palms CA:

Fire Pit Installation

You can really bring your Palms backyard landscape together with a paver fire pit as a centerpiece. Paved brick fire pits can provide a way to throw cookouts in a safe and controlled manner at any point of the day or night. You can add to this a paved outdoor kitchen set, complete with seating arrangements and a BBQ island for meal prep. Now you've got everything you need to cook and dine outside as often as you feel like. With our fireproof pavers, you can use your paved fire pit safely without worrying about it notwithstanding the heat.

New Palms Paver Driveways

Whether you're looking to replace an old driveway that's sinking and cracking or you want a new one installed from scratch, we can help. Our specialists have installed many Palms paver driveways, and we know how to create beautiful hardscape designs that also remain sturdy and even for many years. Paver driveways offer better drainage and easy repairs (should you need those), so they serve as the perfect easy-maintenance hardscape for the front of your residential/commercial property.

Paver Pool Decks In Palms CA

Using pavers to create a pool deck offers excellent non-slip solutions for this part of your Palms property. Paver pool decks drain quickly, so they shrink puddle formation and drain off quickly. They also provide tactile surface areas with great grip, so the chance of slipping reduces significantly. Pool deck pavers serve as waterproof decking that also gives a beautiful hardscape design to this part of your backyard. They can combine perfectly with the surrounding landscape and enhance it in an effortless way.

Free Estimates on Hardscape Paving

Whether you're looking to install new courtyards, gazebos, paver walkways or any other hardscape feature in your Palms business or home – we can help. Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation (and quote) to talk to a professional paver contractor who'll provide all the info you want. We offer the best hardscape pavers and remodeling services near Palms, thanks to our top-quality materials and low costs. Scroll down to see some of our recently completed paver installation projects.


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