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Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Sherman Oaks CA

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Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Sherman Oaks CA

Here you can find work reports of some of the latest projects our team completed. Read them to find out why our pillar and paver experts are the best ones around.

Paving Stone Driveway Near Valley Village CA

Paving Stone Driveway

Customer Issue: Mr. Jackson’s driveway was full of puddles even in the slightest of rains.
Our Solution: We went through several options with Mr. Jackson and as soon as he decided on flagstone pavers we got down to work. We broke up the existing driveway and removed the rubble. Then we poured a layer of crushed stone and sand. Once the base was well tamped and correctly sloped, we installed flagstone pavers in the color of our customer’s choice. And last but not least, we filled all the joints with sand.

William Jackson - Valley Village
Pavers Repair in Van Nuys | S&P Los Angeles

Pavers Repair

Customer Issue: The driveway was looking shabby and untidy and needed some TLC.
Our Solution: Our team started by inspecting the condition of the driveway and found many cracked and loosened pavers. While it was possible to re-set the loose pieces, the cracked pavers were replaced with similar color and size pieces. The entire driveway was then sealed for better protection from stains and high traffic usage.

Leo Knapp - Van Nuys
Driveway Pavers Maintenance | S&P Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles | Valley Glen

Driveway Pavers Maintenance

Customer Issue: This customer wanted to maintain the aesthetic look of his driveway by taking precautions to prevent water and frost damage.
Our Solution: As part of the recommended maintenance plan, our team sealed the driveway pavers with protective coating. The sealant enhanced the overall appearance and allows the surface to keep looking clean and tidy, adding to the value and curb appeal of the house.

Samuel Garrett - Valley Glen
Outdoor Kitchen Installation | S&P Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles | Sherman Oaks

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Customer Issue: Wanted to add functionality to his patio with a new outdoor kitchen that meets all the required safety standards.
Our Solution: Our team worked with the customer to understand his specific requirements and reviewed the options that matched his existing patio. Once he decided on the design and the material, our team proceeded with the construction project and completed it safely and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Joel Schultz - Sherman Oaks
Brick Pavers Installation | S&P Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles | Sherman Oaks

Brick Pavers Installation

Customer Issue: Having his own specific design for a patio, the customer wanted a professional installer to help him with the project.
Our Solution: Our team examined the customer’s design and helped him decide on a 900 herringbone pattern that complemented the square shape of his backyard nicely. We then proceeded to remove the old existing tiles and installed the brick pavers in their place, making sure to apply sealant to keep them in place and protected from moisture and rain.

Hubbard Sears - Sherman Oaks
Commercial & Residential Pavers

Commercial & Residential Pavers

A wide selection of hardscape services near Los Angeles available for both homes and businesses.
Professional Team

Professional Team

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Personal Touch

Personal Touch

Beautiful hardscape pavers with a hand-crafted look and colorful patterns.
High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Expert paver remodeling projects, from backyard patios to driveways and pool decks.

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