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Bathroom Remodeling Close To Torrance LA

Bathroom Remodeling

Customer Issue: The existing vanities went all the way up to the bathtub and made the person bathing feel like being walled in.
Our Solution: The original bathroom had an excellent layout, so we didn’t need to move the plumbing. We started by replacing the existing vanities with smaller ones. We used the freed-up space to place seat high cabinets that doubled as storage. As for the bathtub itself, we added mosaic tiles around it and used them as backsplash as well. To tie in the shower with the rest of the bathroom, we installed granite surfaces whose color matched that of shower tiles.

Paul Allison - Torrance
Backyard Fire Pit In Eagle Rock CA

Backyard Fire Pit

Customer Issue: Mr. Brown got used to spending all his free time outside and needed a way to keep the evening chill off.
Our Solution: While we were planning the location of the fire pit, we took into account the inside view and remembered to design ample room for shuffling chairs around the pit. We excavated the soil and leveled the base. Then we laid kiln-fired bricks around the pit center and started making our way to the existing patio. We continued adding layers of bricks up to the designed height. Finally, we tamped and sealed the finished project.

Ross Brown - Eagle Rock
Paver Patio Installation | Compton | S&P Hardscape Remodeling LA

Paver Patio Installation

Customer Issue: The customer’s front lawn was totaled after a construction mishap. Instead of replanting it all, he decided to pave the section near the door and make a covered patio.
Our Solution: We dug out the soil, rubble, and plant debris from in front of the house and laid down some gravel and sand. Once we had the entire space filled in tight, we laid the adhesive down and arranged the stone tile pavers to form a perfect rectangle. Replanting the grass along the edges gave the new patio a beautiful, neat contour. Last, we set up the concrete foundations and metal support beams at the leading edge and built the cover out of wood and shingles.

Ben Shakshuka - Compton
Flagstone Patio Pavers Installation Near Pasadena | S&P LA

Flagstone Patio Pavers Installation

Customer Issue: The backyard patio was located in a bush-like area and needed a pavement with a non-restrictive look.
Our Solution: Our team recommended using large slabs of irregular bluestone flagstone patio blocks. The uneven shapes allowed placing the stones creatively in gravel base, and the joints were planted with special grass to complement and soften the hard edges of the stone.

Nathan Barrett - Pasadena
Driveway Pavers | S&P Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles

Driveway Pavers

Customer Issue: The customer wanted his old concrete pavement re-made with pavers.
Our Solution: After deciding on the type and style of pavers (there are so many to choose from!), our first project was to break and remove the old concrete and level the ground. We then moved to installing the pavers, of course making sure Mr. Combs was informed about the process in every step of the way, and of course satisfied with the final results.

Jason Combs - Glendale
Pool Deck Installation | S&P Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles

Pool Deck Installation

Customer Issue: A modern deck installation for a new pool.
Our Solution: After measuring and going over the possible design options, the customer decided to go for a modern wooden deck to go with his wooden patio theme. We installed the new deck and made sure Mr. Mull was 100% satisfied with the results!

Nathan Mull - East Los Angeles
Backyard Fire Pit | S&P Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles

Backyard Fire Pit

Customer Issue: Needed planning ideas and installation of a new fire pit in the backyard.
Our Solution: For many home owners who love to host, backyard fire pits are all the rage! Our team came out first to measure the parameter and examine the style the customer was interested in. After deciding on a classic circle bricks and pavers design, we completed the installation within the week.

Scott Overby - Los Angeles
Commercial & Residential Pavers

Commercial & Residential Pavers

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Professional Team

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Personal Touch

Personal Touch

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High Quality Work

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